Tania Dreams

Creating things in digital and real worlds


Hello! My name is Tania, and I like making things.

Drawing has been my passion for years, but somehow I ended up becoming a physicist, and then a software engineer. That said, I can code, discuss fundamentals of nature, and draw :) Besides, I am keen on learning about time-management, creativity, getting things done, and personal development. I love languages and can speak a couple.

I have made interactive fiction adventures, bots, traditional paintings, comics, and various kinds of illustrations, and I am pretty much enjoying all of it.

Some days I get dragged into interesting projects, other days I just scribble in my sketchbook.

I am open for almost any creative activity, just ping me through any social network or email (email would be the best!).

Sometimes I sign my works with my other nickname "eejitlikeme".

I'd love to: