Drawing Now: Week 4

Hello! My fourth-week letter is about getting ideas for drawing. Let's learn how to keep that wheel turning!


The question: ok, start, but with what? Well, draw a point. Or a circle. Or a square. Or a bunch of cubes. Usually, I just take an A5-A4 piece of printing paper and start making circles and lines till I get a more solid idea. Often it results in people and creatures. Some of them are really nice, and then I draw them on a better paper sheet or re-use in next projects.

If you want something more specific, you can use the knowledge from previous lessons! You already know that you can always draw yourself, for example. Or things you like. Another way is just to draw what you see around you. It doesn't have to be a finished drawing each time you take a pencil in your hand, it is practice that makes you better. Practice of imagination (which objects you draw), precision (how correct you depict real objects), values (how well you represent light and shadow).

Moreover, you do not have to think about drawing only when you are ready for it. Write down the topics or ideas that come to your mind. Later, when you have time to draw, you just look at the list and take any topic you feel like working on. I use post-its or write ideas in a tiny notebook.



Make a list "If I do not know what to draw, I will draw ... " and write down at least 10 things.


Start to draw with lines or figures, and try to find out, which objects they remind you. Ideas for starting:

  • Close your eyes and draw some random curves with a pencil very fast. Open your eyes and try to find some object in the lines, make important lines thicker
  • Make a blob of colour with aquarelle or ink
  • Take any object, place it on top of the paper and make an outline

You will realise that there is always something to draw 🙂


Fill in at least one A4 page with any type of items. You can repeat them, but do not leave much free space!


Posted on February 11, 2021
Tags: #drawing-now