Drawing Now: Week 5

Hello! Fifth week is about learning from others, and getting a direction of where to move further.


We have already discussed that our environment drastically affects our vision and interests. Apart from that, it is also useful to look at how other artists use instruments and materials to create great art pieces, to get more ideas not only on what to draw, but also how to do it.

There are so many options nowadays - schools, videos, courses, millions of resources, so easy to get lost! One of the ways of narrowing down the sea of the opportunities is to look at styles and techniques that appeal to you the most. To achieve this, we will try to find some favourites 🙂



Pick two artists that you admire: one from the past (say, born before 1920), and one of more or less present days. Check out their biography, how they became artists, which materials they use/used. Focus not on persons, who are just great, think of them as "I wish I would draw like him/her!"


Try to copy some of your favourite artists works or parts of them. As usually, there are options, to what to pay attention:

  • Topic: what does the artist paint the most?
  • Mark-making: lines or masses?
  • Colours: which palette is used?
  • Materials and technique: wet-on-wet aquarelle, mixing guache on top of a pencil, specific digital brushes?


Imagine, you would be only allowed to draw one object for a whole year. Forms could vary, but it still can be only one topic: flowers, or shoes, or airplanes... What would it be? Draw at least 5 items.


Posted on February 18, 2021
Tags: #drawing-now