Drawing Now: Week 6

Hello-hello! Here is the sixth week of the course, finish line! In my last letter, I want to discuss with you what to do with all those nice things you have created or will create.


Sometimes, we do not want to end up just doing a bunch of things and calling it a day. Sketches we do to warm-up, testing new markers - ok, those, maybe, find their future in a drawer, or become a foundation of other artistic projects. So where can we apply our passion to create?

Here are some of the ideas:

  • Draw a postcard or print out postcards. For drawing, there is a special paper that is sold in the art stores, already with a proper backside and places for stamps. For printing, there are pretty many online services.
  • Stickers. Why not make stickers and put them on gift packages, or on notebooks (Last online service I have found was StickerApp).
  • Framed painting. Easy. Paint, buy a frame, put it there. I do not have much experience with canvas framing, but anything paper-like can be placed in any photo frame. Why framed? Well, it often adds a "crisp", and a good frame can make your art even nicer.
  • You can print your images on T-shirts, make notebooks, do lots of crazy things (Look at redbubble or other websites with print-on-demand)! You draw a flower, and then there is a pillow with it. Fantastic.
  • Get acrylic paint and paint over jeans, decor your table, or make a pretty frame yourself - handcrafting will do magic to your spirit.



Draw something, and put it in a frame. Hang it somewhere. Take a photo. Enjoy.


Get some fresh experiences and food for thoughts. Options:

  • Go to a museum (maybe you find another favourite artist, or learn that some art style is not your thing?)
  • Get a book on art, or a comic, or an art magazine (buy, or borrow it in a library)
  • Watch an art documentary.

6.3 (Bonus)

Find some new media to try. It could be clay pottery, new type of paints or brushes, collage making... Something that you haven't tried before. Do some exploration or look at a couple of lessons on youtube (I personally bought myself a modelling mass, no idea what to do with it yet XD )


Closing words

With each new work, art piece, tutorial, you become better than you were before. Everything you do today is for "tomorrow-you". So own it, share your progress, do not let anyone put you down 🙂

The course is over, but I will continue my letters on a bi-weekly basis, sharing my thoughts, interesting links and small exercises. Thank you for participating, looking forward to see more of your art!

Posted on February 25, 2021
Tags: #drawing-now